Tee and Course Signs

In the realm of disc golf tee sign design, we envision more than just informational markers; we envision interactive and aesthetically pleasing guides that enhance the player's overall experience. Our tee sign designs at Cahaba Disc Company are meticulously crafted to seamlessly blend functionality with any look you desire. Each sign not only provides essential details about hole layouts, distances, and par information but also incorporates visually engaging graphics that reflect the unique character of the course. At Cahaba Disc Company, we believe that the tee sign is not just a directive, but it contributes to the overall experience of the course.

Cahaba Disc Company offers a variety of templates for tee and course signs that are visually appealing and informative. We also take special requests if the client has a specific look in mind. 

Disc golf course tee and course signs play a crucial role in providing essential information to players and enhancing their overall experience. Here's a breakdown of both types of signs:

Tee Signs:

1. Design and Layout:

  • Tee signs should feature an aesthetically pleasing design that complements the overall theme of the course.
  • Clearly display the hole number and provide an overview of the entire hole layout, including fairway features, obstacles, and basket placement.

2. Distances and Par Information:

  • Include accurate measurements of the hole's distance, both for the entire hole and individual fairway segments.
  • Clearly state the par for the hole, helping players gauge their performance.

3. Course Rules and Etiquette:

  • Communicate any specific rules or etiquette guidelines relevant to the particular hole or the course as a whole.
  • Ensure that safety rules and considerations are prominently displayed.

4. Visual Graphics:

  • Incorporate visual graphics or icons to represent key features of the hole, such as trees, water hazards, or elevation changes.
  • Use color-coding or symbols to convey difficulty levels.

5. Sponsorship Recognition:

  • If applicable, include space for sponsorship recognition or advertisements to support course maintenance and development.

Course Signs:

1. Entrance and Welcome Sign:

  • Create an eye-catching entrance sign that welcomes players to the disc golf course.
  • Include the course name, logo, and any relevant information to set the tone for the playing experience.

2. Navigation Signs:

  • Install signs at key junctions or transition points to guide players to the next tee pad.
  • Use arrows or directional indicators to ensure easy navigation through the course.

3. Information Kiosk:

  • Establish an information kiosk near the course entrance with a course map, rules, and any additional information about tournaments, events, or maintenance schedules.

4. Course Map:

  • Install large, detailed course maps at strategic locations, such as the starting point or parking area.
  • Highlight tee pad locations, basket placements, and overall course layout for easy reference.

5. Safety and Emergency Signs:

  • Display safety information, emergency contact numbers, and any relevant instructions to ensure player well-being during their time on the course.

6. Amenities Signage:

  • Identify and provide information about amenities like restrooms, picnic areas, and water stations.
  • Include any special features that contribute to the overall player experience.

7. Maintenance Information:

  • Communicate maintenance schedules or guidelines to inform players about ongoing upkeep efforts and any potential disruptions.

Both tee signs and course signs contribute to a well-rounded disc golf experience, providing players with the necessary information while complementing the overall design and atmosphere of the course.